Elizabeth Anglin

Psychic, Spirit Medium, Animal Communicator

Divine Connections

Elizabeth Anglin helps people connect with their friends and family in spirit, beloved pets, spirit guides, guardians, angels, the akashic records, and the wisdom and intelligence of the physical body - optimizing physical and emotional wellness, accelerating healing, and overcoming grief, stress and anxiety. 

Readings, healing sessions, and clearings with Elizabeth are gentle, joyful and full of compassion, humor and fun. 

Clients often remark that sessions are comfortable, clarifying, and uplifting, raising the mind and heart up above the temporary illusions of physical life, while grounding the spirit in the physical world.  They also report feeling less anxiety, greater fulfillment, comfort, hope, joyfulness and feelings of gratitude for life and life experiences.

In thousands of sessions over the past two decades, in an age of increasin
g information overload, second guessing and self-doubt, Elizabeth has helped hundreds of people align with their clearest and truest divine purpose.  

Her mission is to spark spirits into healing, harmony, patience, forgiveness, allowance, service, positive self-expression, miracles and abundance. 

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Tex G. says: Top notch. Spot on. We keep going back to Elizabeth because her information is reliable and genuine and truth. She renewed my faith. Thank you Elizabeth.

Lively, fun,informative!!!

Julia S. says: My reading with Elizabeth was a treat and a joy. With compassion, great insight, humor, and warmth, she helped me to understand the why and wherefore aspects of my situation, and to move past some uncomfortable undercurrents that had been just under the surface for many years. I was able to get a feeling of closure regarding those unpleasant events, and start to feel at ease with moving on. Elizabeth felt like a trusted old friend from the first moment we interacted. I'm very grateful to have left our session with a deep sense of peace and ease. I greatly appreciate that I was able to connect with aspects of myself and my karmic cycle, to gain a better understanding of my place in the world, and to gain hope for my future. With immense gratitude, I look forward to our next session, and I highly recommend her services. Several of my friends have asked for her information, and I feel excellent about recommending her, and that I'm doing my friends a great service, putting them in touch with her. Best wishes to all!!!


Cindy B. says: My reading with Elizabeth was such a comfort to me. My son just recently went to heaven and being able to connect with him has helped. I am sure I will be contacting her again and recommending her to family and friends

Fun and engaging

Caroline S. says: I just want to say that I always have a sense after talking with Elizabeth that I can really count on her assessments of what's going on, and I can use what she says in ways that really last. Her readings last, and by that I mean, the information that she has or that comes through her, has many interpretations and lessons, and can be gleaned over and over in the mind, providing sturdy knowing that helps navigate through the future.

Always Thoughtful Counsel...

Robyn F. says: It is always a warm welcome home when I speak with Elizabeth. She is a breath of cool, fresh air when the hot and turbulent winds of change and thunderclouds of doubt and angst come calling. I am always buoyed by our interchange -- and that of Spirit. Thank you to Elizabeth for her steadfast faith and belief in all of our collective talents and gifts...but most especially I am grateful that she shares hers with such heart.

Never misses

Keri S. says: I was referred by a friend several years ago. From the very first session, I've been amazed with the accuracy and kindness that Elizabeth exudes. I've consulted with her when loved ones have passed, issues with pets and different situations in my present life. Each time, despite the different factors involved with each situation, Elizabeth is spot on with unfailing accuracy. I always feel encouraged and able to "see" things a bit clearer. Thank you so much for your gift. You've been such a blessing to our family.

Perfect Reading

Byron L. says: Elizabeth gave me a wonderful reading and was helpful in my gaining incite into what is going on in my life and in my personal evolution. I could feel that my energy was uplifted, increased, by having contact with her, even over the phone ( but then, distance is an illusion). I am still processing everything we discussed and looking forward to our next session. She has helped me to remove some of the stumbling blocks to clear perception placed in me by the false societal template of reality which tries to keep us all asleep.

My ace in the hole

Caroline S. says: Thank you so much Elizabeth, because as usual I was able to move forward and understand what was going on in the big picture with many of my relationships, and I can heal my relationships with the information that I get and it's so helpful, after my reading, I feel more in control and more able to know what to do, I'm on firm footing as they say, I recommend her highly and many of my friends have received help too, love you Elizabeth! Caroline STone


Melanie W. says: I had a reading over the phone about a year ago, was in Telluride and couldn't resist meeting in person. So worth it! Very accurate and insightful. Lovely person! Highly recommended.

Remarkable Reading

Jill D. says: Elizabeth gave me a very on-point and clear reading. She is a wonderful soul who was very helpful and patient with me! She has helped me to see things very clearly! I had a 40 minute reading done and it was worth every penny!! I will be calling her again. Thank you Elizabeth!! - Jill

True & Compassionate

Paula M. says: I just had another reading with Elizabeth and (as always) walked away with a calm and peace that she evokes. Not only did she see my current concerns but she brought in a key person to confirm what I needed to know. My heart is full. I have a number of sessions with Elizabeth and write down everything in an attempt to not only remember everything (because there is so much) but to attempt to really try and take her advice to help me heal and continue to grow. I want to thank her for sharing her gifts to help and advise me. As always I look forward to our next reading. God bless. PM

Beautiful gift!

Anne P. says: Elizabeth has a wonderful gift & always enjoy a session with her. I Have a powerful animal who is now in spirit.... Elizabeth is caring & clear & "we" are blessed to have her in our lives!!!


Natalie A. says: I am so happy I did the reading. Elizabeth really nailed my past (not to mention what is happening currently in my life. ) She had time for all of my questions - I felt very comfortable and was able to get a lot of answers! In particular, Elizabeth gave me a lot of insight into an event from my past - it is helping me heal from a very traumatic time in my life. Have recommended her to several friends and will definitely schedule another reading with Elizabeth in the future!!


Evie s. says: Elizabeth, as always you Rock! I Love to even just "chat" But your reading is really great and to get clarity on things , which you always do, means sooo much. Not only do you make beautiful accurate contact with Spirit Companions, but you get the subtle sense of humor of them and myself which makes the readings hilariously enjoyable as well!! I highly recommend you to anyone, especially those already in the various fields of metaphysics, Folks Elizabeth will "see" you and unlike many of your fellow practitioners, she is secure in who she is, so has no need or desire to compete with you or any other silliness. Rather she walks along right next to you helping you see anything you may have missed . Which can be Rare! Anyone who is learning and growing and exploring new avenues and it all seems so unreal and shaky and sometimes you may doubt your sanity or ability to deal with it all? Elizabeth is the guide your seeking, she is warm, down to earth, and patiently will help you to understand and incorporate all your "new" ideas, feelings, and phenomena into a balanced cohesive whole as you become more awakened to who you are..She is a very good medium ho will give you more "meat" than" niceties" she is first and foremost Honest and more concerned about getting truth to you than enhancing her image..I highly recommend her?E.S.

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