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Being a "Spiritual" person? Or just Being?

Posted by elizabethanglin on 27 June, 2016 at 2:15 Comments comments ()

My mother was the probably one of the most naturally psychic people I ever met. 

She was an atheist.

This was problematic, Seriously problematic, because she was often dealing with spiritual phenomena, entities, beings, etc. that she didn't have the worldview to either understand of skillfully negotiate, or handle.

She was a highly "spiritual" person, attempting to live a life in which she denied that spirit existed.

It wasn't easy.

However, it proved a p...

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Clearing the Past, Embracing the Future

Posted by elizabethanglin on 25 June, 2016 at 19:25 Comments comments ()

Much of my work involves helping people through times of transition in their lives.  Whether the transition is from being married to becoming single again, balancing motherhood or fatherhood with work, the loss of a parent, child, pet, the loss or change of a job or career, spirit usually calls on a person to willingly release the energetic state of what was before in order to allow for the creation of what will be to begin.  Sometimes this release is harder to do than at other time...

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What is a Spirit Medium?

Posted by elizabethanglin on 15 June, 2016 at 3:35 Comments comments ()

When I was learning spirit mediumship, my teachers loved to remind me.  "All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums."  Their words have been reverberating in my mind the past few weeks as I am experiencing what it is like, first hand, to watch people react to my rather large business sign in front of the house:  STARSHINE:  Spirit Medium Elizabeth Anglin.   Starshine is an art gallery that also offers intuitive healings and readings...

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The App for Lost Dogs, Fireworks Freak Outs and Emergency Medical Records

Posted by elizabethanglin on 4 July, 2015 at 13:45 Comments comments ()

Honestly, the animal communication sessions I least like to be called on to give are for lost pets, and as July and August roll into town, I get more and more calls to do them.

The worst thing about them is that there are no guarantees the information I receive from a pet will help the owner find or retrieve their pet. Sometimes the information is exactly perfect, and gives the owner the ability to focus on the most likely area and most likely way of finding their pet.  It can als...

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Need support? Light an Angel Candle!

Posted by elizabethanglin on 1 November, 2014 at 13:35 Comments comments ()

As we turn our clocks back an hour, and the darkness of winter approaches, it's always nice to have candles (either real or non-flame burning) around to provide ambience and extra light. 

 And... candles can be used to show gratitude for spiritual help received!

When I am feeling a need for energetic support for a goal, project, healing or relationship I'm working on, or space clearing and cleansing, or any other reason that leads to the highest good of all... I ask the...

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Spirit Mediumship is More Complicated Than You Think

Posted by elizabethanglin on 29 October, 2014 at 0:00 Comments comments ()

It's also less complicated than you imagine.

As we approach Halloween, and "The Day of the Dead"  - All Souls Day, and All Saints Day, I'd like to speak a little bit about Spirit Mediumship as an intuitive art form, as well as a mental and physical energetic practice. 

I have a great fondness for this time of year... Halloween? I love it, simply for the wonderful childhood memories of dressing up as a pirate, or a gypsy (one or the other) and seeing all my neighbor...

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Why it Helps to be Non-Committal on the Intuitive Path

Posted by elizabethanglin on 19 October, 2014 at 17:35 Comments comments ()

What?!?  You may ask.  You may even holler the question.  But the truth is... on the path of spirit and intuition, it helps to be careful about what you committ yourself to... and sometimes the best policy is flat out "fear of committment" or "complete lack of ability to commit."   

You know, that thing you've heard you ex-boyfriend who was afraid of committment tell you -   you know, that you were "afraid to commit"- even though you've got years...

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Living in Allowance of 10 Things You Really Want

Posted by elizabethanglin on 30 September, 2014 at 21:50 Comments comments ()

Have you ever wondered what your life might be like if you decided to change the things that you allow to happen in it?  What if you decided to change what you allow by focusing less on "disallowing" things that you "don't want" and "allowing" things that you do? 

I'd like to run an experiment.  And this experiment  depends on you. 

I will do my own work as well. 

If you could write down 10 things you really want in your life, and then each m...

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3 Morning Mantras for Daily Clarity

Posted by elizabethanglin on 25 September, 2014 at 22:45 Comments comments ()

My mornings usually start out with limited chaos. My dog Wyatt will bark as soon as he knows I am waking up, and he won’t stop until I get up and let him outside to do his morning business. Oreo, never afraid of being assertive, will meow insistently. It sounds like she is saying, “Now!” and I know she means to say, “Give me my wet food…NOW.” This request will continue until the wet food is provided. Wyatt will bark again, waiting to be let back in th...

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Are you a Tortured Soul?

Posted by elizabethanglin on 12 March, 2014 at 23:35 Comments comments ()

I recently rented the movie "Summer in February" on my Amazon account because it was an English turn of the 20th Century period piece with that lovely actor who played Matthew on Downton Abbey... and  I was jonesing for my Downton Abbey fix since the last season came and went with hardly enough episodes to keep a small ant's mind busy - let alone mine!

So, in anticipation of the peaceful escape to 19-teen England, I settled in to watch... what became to my horror, the story of a yo...

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