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Reactions across Lifetimes

Posted by elizabethanglin on 23 February, 2013 at 0:10 Comments comments (1)

I've found this funny "politically correct" new age thing going around lately.  No one wants to use the word reaction.  They will use the term "resistance" but not reaction.  It's as if it has become too rude to mention to someone that they are in reaction to an external (or internal) circumstance or event, or event similar to a past traumatic event...  We spiritual healing practitioners (who are also supposed to be somehow more clueful and informed) must all behave as if reactions don't exist.  

It just isn't "correct" to mention them.

This seems a shame to me, because it has been very clear to many wise people for many centuries  that we do, indeed, suffer from reactions.   Physical scientists and spiritual sages study and report on "reactions."

A central teaching in Buddhism is the practice of meditatation.

Why?  To help one tame and control one's "reactive" mind.  

No.  Not "resistant" mind.  Reactive.

See the word.  Say it.   Embrace it.   R-E-A-C-T-I-O-N.

To pretend we don't have reactions to things, words, people, experiences and animals is to live in la-la coo-coo denial land.

To pretend that we are "too informed" or "too advanced" to have reactions is simply ego run amok. 

Our bodies have reactions (ie, give me a sip of beer and watch me keel over... I am SO ALLERGIC to beer!) and our minds have reactions, and our minds and bodies together have reactions.

I know that my reaction when I see a mouse running across the room (a mouse that I don't expect to be there) is to shout. "Eeek!  A mouse!"  because I am shocked by this tiny living critter being where I don't expect it to be.  My body pumps out adrenalin, my heart speeds up for moment.  I have a second or two of indecision about whether or not to flee or do something else.  And then I calm myself 'Oh, it's just a mouse. I can handle this."

In a much more subtle way, many of us, on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or longer term basis find ourselves in similar "reactive" mind states about fairly non-threatening events. 

We might find ourselves with a phobia, or a very slight phobia, anxiety, disease or discomfort about our state of work, a strange feeling about a street we find ourselves walking down, a certain color, an animal, water, or some other situation we don't expect to find ourselves reacting to... but then we are reacting to it, whether or not we expected to.

I once found myself at an event where the venue was shared between a group of healers (my group) and a group of Korean War Air Force veterans.   The veterans had to walk through our display room to get to their conference room... and each time a veteran walked past my display, I found myself experiencing a "reaction" - my heart rate sped up, I felt like someone had just shot me in the back of the head, and I experienced a terrible piercing pain in my stomach. 

The pains became so intense I elected to leave my display and visit another healer, who worked on my energy field and said "You have a lot of past life trauma coming up to clear."  I admitted to this healer that I knew I was a Korean War Air Force captain who was MIA and later KIA - though I had never remembered how I was killed. 

Her wise advice to me?  "Perhaps it's time to stop IDENTIFYING with the person that you were, and start living completely as the person that you are."

Her treatment helped and the advice helped.   I realized at that event that we humans often choose to identify with our traumatic past experiences - in this lifetime or in lifetimes before... and that we often choose to be in reaction to events that remind us of those events... even when that identification brings us extreme pain and discomfort and stops us from living completely in our power in the present moment.

When I do healings and readings now after having had the "ah-haa!" moment about choosing to identify with my past life Korean War trauma...  the guides will direct my attention to where my clients are "hanging on" to their past-life trauma... and tell me clearly how the situation they appear to be in "reaction" to at this time is not as threatening or reaction worthy as it seems to be... one may truly be suffering from some significant discomfort, anxiety, anger or frustration over the event happening in this lifetime... but when the event happening now is compared to the level of discomfort or other "reaction" it becomes very clear that this event does not have enough energy alone to create this sort of reaction.

The reaction to the event happening now is actually a reaction to something farther in the past... deeper in the subconscious... an uncleared energy of experience operating across space and time.

A few years ago, after the "ah-haa" moment with the healer at the event... I remembered how I was KIA in the Korean War during my morning meditation.  I was shot in the head and in the stomach while trying to negotiate getting myself across enemy lines and home again during one of the back and forth stalemate battles along the 38th parallel.  Before remembering this event and "letting it go" I had been suffering from severe migraines and stomach pains without any sort of recognizable physical cause.  After letting it go... no migraines or "phantom" stomach pains.

I have, however... still identified with my past life persona in terms of his skill set... he was very good with mechanics-especially at caring for and fixing engines.  I can hear when something is not quite right with an engine, and I cringe when someone treats an engine badly. 

But, being committed to living fully and completely as the person I am right now...  I try not to complain too much about things like that... even when I am experiencing a negative reaction to them.

When I remember that I have a choice of what and who I identify myself with... I suffer less from reaction... and less from "resistance"..   the resistance of not accepting things the way they are in current manifestation...  resistance equaling -  "wanting a thing to be something different."

Resistance is a good word. 

However - it doesn't mean the same thing as reaction.

Seeking not Knowing. Or - not all Intuition is Created Equal.

Posted by elizabethanglin on 12 February, 2013 at 2:55 Comments comments (2)

So, I am spending my beautiful snowy morning zooming around twitter when I see a post from an Intuitive/Entertainer who tells people that they are already intuitive and they already know whatever it is that they needto know - intuitively. 

In theory, without much experience, I would completely agree with this line of thinking.

 In reality, with lots of experience, I don’t agree… completely.

There are multiple kinds of intuition… and for the purposes of this blog post I will discuss two.

Deep Intuition and shallow Intuition

Yes, that’s right.  I said deep and shallow.

Deep intuition is the kind of intuition that you can hear and respond to when you are not firmly attached to your “I know” ego mind.   Deep intuition is the type of intuition that comes about through practicing “Don’t know mind.” 

“Don’t know mind” can come about through practicing a form of meditation that has no stated object other than providing space and time for you to witness and release your own thoughts, which are often intimately connected to the ego. (It can also come about through a shocking experience... or several.)  With practice, having “no” thoughts, or no ego mind, becomes comfortable as well as comforting.  It can be a place of rest and relaxation,

The ego connected mind is NOT terribly intuitive.  It is a little intuitive.  It does things like save you from physical accidents and unexpected events that could take your physical body out of the physical world.  It supports “flight or fight”responses.  It’s good for physical survival purposes.  It is not terribly comfortable or comforting.  It isn’t very relaxing or restful.

It is usually so fear driven, so hyper-vigilant, that it needs to “know” in order to feel safe. And that’s where it goes wrong.  Because it needs to know – it creates situations where it “does know” –often making one’s thoughts seem to be as solid, significant and real as possible  - even when that solidity isn’t real and that falsely created "reality" leads to  negative thoughts and stressful situations with people, possibilities, life and the world in general. 

 “I know” mind often leads to conflict, both internal and external, as well as confusion… internal and external.

On the other hand – some ego mind is very positive and before one can practice deep intuition, one may need to spend some time practicing shallow, ego-driven, intuition.

I know people who are so afraid of making decisions, who through one reason or another – accidents of nature, genetics, birth or biochemical development, or accidents of nurture – a contentious early home life with one or both parents seeking power and attention, a contentious relationship with siblings, or a marriage with an unsupportive spouse who engages in psychological trickery or gaslighting… who feel they are not intuitive because they cannot trust their own decision making process. 

Any form of trust of their own decision making process might seem to them to be using their“intuition” rather than their own rational thought processes and ego driven mind. 

Because some people are so divorced from trusting their ownto rational decision making process – they find their ability to make good rational decisions both mystifying and mystical. 

And what is more mystical than the word “intuition?”

 I’ve had countless conversations with people terrified of making their own decisions who say things like ‘what I really need to learn to do is use my gut.”    

But are they really using deep intuition when they begin to trust their own decision making process, what they call - the gut?

Not really.  They are simply getting in touch with their ego and “I know” mind long enough to use it to make a decision and feel certain enough about that decision to trust it.  They are practicing shallow intuition – a combination of rational, deductive and ego driven reasoning.  The intuition of trusting themselves long enough to start to act on their own behalf in their own decision making process. 

And this type of intuition in this case is really, really, GOOD…for people who are overcoming self-doubt and fear of making their own decisions. 

If you are afraid of making decisions and you start to get to a place where you trust yourself to make your decisions - I say, “Yeah! Go for it!”

Forget about what your mother says!  Forget about what your spouse says!  Forget about what anyone else says you should do, or ought to do… you make that decision for yourself… and you GO… make that decision happen!   Have that opinion!  Cherish that point of view!

That shallow intuition you are using to make your decisions is good for you… at least some of the time. Good because it allows you to see what happens when you make a decision and start manifesting something – anything – in the world.   Something that is related to what you perceive to be you, yourself, and what you perceive to be yours…. Your mind.and creative power.   Your healthy individuality.

Shallow intuition practiced well can be like meditation or a type of karma yoga… because when you act on your own thoughts… you notice your own thoughts.  And so do other people.

But shallow intuition is not deep intuition.

Deep intuition takes one beyond the individual small “I” ego.  Deep intuition stretches across time and space through the connected medium of one-ness. Where all are one, all phenomena are one, and all decisions and actions emanate from the divine, connected, “one.”  Deep intuition transcends dimensions, parallel realities, geographic locations, lifetimes – past and forward, and all small “I” ego driven self-involvement.   

Deep intuition is healing and whole-self making on a level that is truly mystical.  It requires trust on a level beyond that of shallow intuition… but it is always clarifying and low-entropy.   It addresses the whole self… body, mind and spirit.   It also tells the ego when itneeds to take a hike.

The problem that I sometimes find with self-described  “intuitives” - some who have had training with this teacher or that school - people who say up front “I am very intuitive.” is that sometimes they are very intuitive… at the level of shallow intuition. 

 They have become semi-professional at reading their own ego mind, they are good at making deductions and rational conclusions and decisions, and they have misidentified that ego mind as the “divine”mind.    They have become so skilled at reading their ego and stating their opinions and ego needs, that they think their own ego-driven opinion is “reality” because they arrived at it through “intuition.”

They practice “I know” mind, fully and proficiently, with a tremendous amount of pride.

Paradoxically, deep intuition, practiced correctly, will give one some significant and helpful information about the self, animals,relationships, the universe and everything, but still leave one with a profound feeling of “I don’t know.”  

It often creates more questions than answers.

Because reality is found by seeking, not knowing.




Taking the Time to Talk

Posted by elizabethanglin on 27 November, 2012 at 4:15 Comments comments (2)

I have been worried about my horse Otto, chronically, since he lightly foundered after receiving a his spring shots last year.  Otto has a slight chronic case of laminitis, and it pains me to see it, and to see him on his bad days, walking so carefully on his thinned hooves.  His hooves are not warm, and the damage is slight enough that there is little to no coffin bone and joint impingement, but I still worry for him. 

Because of my worry, I have taken to spending a little time sitting with him each morning while he eats his hay.  I sit on the ground, with my back against an aspen tree, and ask him and his spirit guardians if there is anything more I need to know to improve his life, health and happiness. 

Every day there are little suggestions about little things - like "you could try replacing half of his winter feed with soaked beet pulp this year" and "make sure you get him a good hoof supplement" and "don't let his water bucket go dry" and "no, don't change his feed, just swap out half of it with beet pulp."  

Being all about validation of information I receive telepathically and from spirit, I of course go to google after hearing these suggestions, and google things like "managing chronic laminitis" and "laminitis supplements" and low and behold - these little suggestions are all there.

However, hearing them from Otto's guardians directly makes these ideas seem more compelling.  If I read them on google I think "Oh, that's interesting."  but if I've heard them directly from spirit I think, "Oh, OK.  I will do that."

In any case, these little morning chats with Otto and his spirit guardians have opened up our communication during the rest of the day.  Tonight as I was refilling his water bucket and stepping over the hay I had just thrown for him - I heard him think at me  "Thank you for the hay."  It was a very sweet feeling thank you. 

And by his body language you would never know he was grateful for his hay, because like almost any horse who wants to appear to be "tough" - he'll snake his head at me and throw his ears back if I get to close to him while he's eating his hay.

But because I've started our day together by talking with him, it seems he feels more able to express his softer side wtih a telepathic  "Thank you for the hay." message instead of a physical "STEP AWAY FROM MY HAY OR I MIGHT BITE YOU!" aggressive warning.

It's a nice thing.  Taking the time to talk in the morning leading to more positive communication during the rest of the day. 

It's a good thing.  Feel free to try it with your pets. 

It's easy to start - just find a place to sit quietly with your pet in the morning, then mentally direct your questions to your pet and their spiritual guardians - then listen for an answer, and write down anything you feel, think, see in your minds eye, or hear with your mental voice..

Let me know how it goes.

Responsible Hunting...

Posted by elizabethanglin on 28 October, 2012 at 2:55 Comments comments (34)

Yes, I am an animal communicator, and yes... I am writing about responsible hunting.   I find myself in the situation of living in the most sought after hunting units in the United States.  Unit 61 - Western Colorado.  If you don't know that means to hunters... look it up.  People wait decades to receive hunting tags here.   I live here, on one of the richest most incredible parcels of land... on a small ridge overlooking the area where the Elk have their annual rutt - or elk Pow Wow - since rutt for elk involves lots of singing, dancing, mating, and fighting. 

And I'm feeling a bit verklimpt by it all at this point.  Verklimpt not by the elk, or their singing, or their dancing, their fighting, or their mating... but by the people who come here to see the elk, shoot them, and take their meat and heads home as trophies.   And no, I don't have any innate "animal communicator" prejudice against hunters.  I go out "hunting" almost every day with my eyes and ears.  I want to see the elk, I want to see the big bulls polishing their big antlers on the tiny trees before their big fights.  I am still paleolithic enough in my genes to know that if I am presented with a rack of elk loin cooked over an open fire, eating it will cause my body to produce endorphins - happy brain chemicals that will tell my anxious mind that "all is well" because "I am not in danger of starving to death."   Brain chemicals that I just don't get enough of through being a vegan. And yes, I am a vegan at this moment.... though I have been an ovo-lacto vegetarian and a flat out unrepentent meatatarian. 

I'm not upset about the ethical considerations of eating - whether it's animals or vegetables that are being eaten.  No... I'm verklimpt about something much more subtle than eating.

What I am witnessing in the people I see coming here from elsewhere is an almost universal way of BEING DISCONNECTED or DISASSOCIATED with nature. 

People come here with ideas, thoughts and agendas that have nothing to do with this natural place, this brilliant life ecosystem, or with the animals that live here - and THEY DON'T CARE that what they are thinking, doing, or planning to do has nothing to do with all the life that is around them.

Today I made the mistake of taking a walk on my neighbor's land - not because it is forbidden, but because it is hunting season.  Normally, there is no one on my neighbor's land - except for maybe me, my dogs, and some elk and deer, and eagles, and hawks, and magpies and mountain lions, and lynxes and coyotes and other critters.  In any case, like I usually do - I took a walk through the area that all the elk and deer use as a sort of superhighway - from one great eating and drinking area to another.   I always like to walk through this area because I always see elk and deer.. and I enjoy seeing them.    But today I disturbed a hunter, apparently a hunter who was a "guest" of my neighbor, potentially even a "paying guest" of my neighbor... OK, almost certainly a "paying guest" of my neighbor.  I waved at the hunter cordially, happily, and called out "having any luck?"  - a question this hunter did not respond to.  And I could tell - he was upset.  He wasn't "having any luck" in his own mind.  He was questioning the value of being a guest on this particular parcel of land, he was worrying that perhaps he wouldn't find, hunt and kill any large trophy bulls or bucks, and that he would waste his time, and his money, on a foolish decision about where to hunt this year.  In short - this hunter, sitting in one of the most prime spots of the most prime hunting units in the most prime portion of the most prime state in the most prime country on the most prime planet in the universe - was an anxious, urbanified, IDIOT. 

An urbanified idiot who couldn't tell his own arse from his elbow - even if his own elbow bit him in his own arse.  

Nothing about him was in any sort of harmony with his surroundings.  Nothing about his mental state, his way of BEING had anything at all to do with where he was standing.  The richest, most amazing, most incredible elk and deer hunting spot in the world.    He was upset because all of sudden - a WOMAN with DOGS had wandered across this most incredible elk hunting spot, waving, saying hello, and wearing bright purple instead of neon orange.    And obviously, because I was a WOMAN (in bright purple with dogs) and I was waving and saying hello .... this spot COULD NOT BE a GOOD PLACE TO FIND ELK.

And all I have to say to this mentality is the following: 

Wilderness is not Disneyland.  You can't buy a ticket and go ride the ride.  If you go to the wilderness with the same mentality a person takes with them to go to the movies, or Six Flags, or a trip to London... you will be disappointed.  If you go to the wilderness with a specific single minded agenda, whether that agenda is to kill something big as quickly and efficiently as possible, hike fast and bag a 14,000 foot peak, get to the next view point on the trail, or run your ATV up and down the road as fast as possible... you will be missing something very important about the wilderness.  You will be too busy relating to your own agenda to relate with anything, or anyone, who lives in the wilderness.  You will learn nothing about reality.  You will only be learning about what you hold in your own mind as being important... which will not be at all important to the creatures who live in the wilderness.  You will be nothing more than a sort of space alien who never goes anywhere outside of it's own space alien mindship.   You might physically be "somewhere else" but you don't really go anywhere if you don't have a capacity to visit "somewhere else" in your mind as well as your body.

Anyway, enough about my opinon...  

I felt this hunters frustration quite keenly, but because usually NO ONE is on my neighbor's land, I asked my animal communication guide if he "belonged there."    She of course (being very close to me) said "No."   Then I asked her if this hunter intended to "hunt responsibly."  her answer to the question was also "No." 

She related that it was too early for responsible hunting.  Responsible hunting could only be done in the winter, when it involved spotting and tracking elderly, weak or sick Elk, who would most certainly suffer greatly from cold and slow starvation if they were not hunted and killed more quickly than the winter snow and cold would kill them. 

She then went on to relate that human beings currently operated under a falacious idea of responsible hunting, having the opinion that hunting before winter time was "responsible" because it would thin the herd and allow more animals to survive through the winter.  She was clear that this was very "irresponsible" hunting because it involved killing the healthy and the strong - and especially, killing those who were not in any danger of long suffering and slow death through cold weather and starvation.

In short, to hunt responsibly, human beings would need to go back to hunting in the same way wolves hunt. 

Hunting only the weak, the sick, and the elderly in the population.

Right now, there is no "responsible" human hunting. 

Right now hunting is done for ego, show, sport... a programmed agenda in the alien mindship.

And for most hunters, it has nothing at all to do with "being in the wilderness."

And this is what I feel dis-ease about, this is why I feel so verklimpt.  Even if I am "in the wilderness" and I meet someone else while I am here, I find that I am still "in the wilderness" alone.   Other human beings bring their bodies here, but they don't really notice where they are.  

They only notice what they hold in their minds.

Manifest Manifesting.... Manifested!

Posted by elizabethanglin on 6 August, 2012 at 17:20 Comments comments (0)

It's like saying abracadabra... only more repetitious!  

I had a wonderful show on Transformation Talk Radio today with Kerri Colegrove, who heals, and teaches people how to heal and restore balance through creating Prayer Bundles, or Despachos.  

Kerri is working on a new project which is in the beta-testing phase right now - RAINMAKING through Prayer Bundles.   Since I'm now paying $14 per bale for grass hay for my horses Dream and Otto, because of the early drought this year... I have a personal stake in encouraging EVERYONE to do what they can to help moderate the weather toward rain.   Also - I don't like hearing stories about critters not having food to eat and water to drink because the ponds and the rivers have dried up, or stories about fires...  so if you are living where it's hot and dry, and your town has been hit by drought... please consider contacting Kerri through her website -  and send her an email requesting a rainmaking prayer bundle.

Oh, and Despachos, or Prayer Bundles - an be used for other things to - like increasing your clarity, focus, earning potential, healing manifestation, new love... etc!

Baboons Recognize Words ... (Duh.)

Posted by elizabethanglin on 13 April, 2012 at 16:50 Comments comments (0)

Well, they've finally done it.  Researchers have figured out that our evolution into a Planet of the Apes scenario isn't impossible.  And I'm glad they decided to study Apes  - I mean, Baboons.. because if they had studied language recognition in cats, they might have become very, very frightened.

And yes, I can attest, that not only do your cats understand most of what you talk to them about - they often have more facility for language (in their own minds) than you do.

So just think about that for a moment. 

Imagine what would happen to you if the world became "Planet of the House Cats."


Mesa Tested, Snowdrift Approved

Posted by elizabethanglin on 4 April, 2012 at 20:45 Comments comments (1)

Sometimes I just have to pat myself on the back for being the oddball that I am.  Today I had a little experience driving my truck that made me happy with my own extremeness.  "Oh?" You may ask. "What extremeness is that?" 

Well, let me tell you...

I'm a really good snow driver.  I'm excellent.  I'm so good I stump men my father's age who have been driving thirty years longer than I have...

And that's what happened today.  I stumped an old man.  I didn't just stump him a little bit, I stumped him good.  I stumped him so he scratched his head in wonder for a good 15 minutes or more... and that was very satisfying.

It all happened at our friendly local SNOW DUNE - the main section of road that causes us to not get snowplowing in the winter, because it becomes a 10 to 20 foot dune of snow (depending on the year - this was a light snow year.)  

This year I was the last driver to drive through the dune in January (usually it's December) and the first driver to drive through the dune in April.... on April Fool's day - and yes, I did get stuck because I initially took the wrong line through the dune, but I was immediately rescued by my roomie with a mini-snowcat and tow rope.

But never mind that initial episode of spring snow dune foolishness!  Look over here - at what happened today!  

I was driving home from taking my dog to an acupuncture treatment,  when I spied a Subaru type 4 wheel drive wagon following me.  I didn't recognize the car, so I "knew" it wasn't a mesa neighbor - mainly because it wasn't a jeep or a truck, and we all drive jeeps and trucks.. no one drives a Subaru up here - not matter what the commercials tell you about "love" and show you about outdoor adventure and what not... it just doesn't happen.  Mesa driving love comes in the form of a 4 wheel drive truck or a Jeep. 

Anyway, as I'm driving I'm thinking "Is this person going to try to make it across the mesa to town?  Are they going to try to follow me?  Dang it - I'm late for an appointment, and I really don't want to stop, flag them down, and tell them to turn around... plus, if  they don't stop if I try to flage them down, and they get ahead of me, they'll get stuck in the snow dune, and then I'll never get home because they will block my way." 

So, rather than chance being stuck behind them - I sped up, and into, and through the dune, my truck's rump slipping and sliding all over the place - as it generally does in such conditions, and which isn't really a problem if you turn into the slide - but this was some pretty heavy duty sliding at the edge of a drop off, which I had already decided I wasn't going to go over, so I wasn't going to worry about it.  It all worked out the way I decided it would and things were fine.

Until, when I next had an opportunity to check on the car behind me - I found it had stopped.  And it looked like it was stopped in the middle of the snow dune. 

And then I felt  very guilty for obviously providing the encouragement for whoever the poor soul it was who was now stuck in the middle of the snow dune.  So I turned around, my better angels telling me it was time to offer a assistance. 

Or was it my better egotistical devils??  

When I arrived back at the snow dune - I found the car was stopped just at the beginning of it, and a man, about the age of my father, was standing outside the car, looking at my fishtailing tracks through the dune, skirting the edge of the drop off.

And he was scratching his head.  And scratching his head.  And scratching his head.

"Hah!"  I thought happily.  "He's old enough and wise enough not to try to follow me!  That's GREAT!"  and then I added to my happy thought. 

"And he's STUMPED!"  (hee hee, hee hee hee, hee hee!)

Ahhh... I tell you, if you live in the middle of nowhere as a hermitess long enough - the smallest of odd events will make you happy.

Dancin' through April Fool's Day

Posted by elizabethanglin on 2 April, 2012 at 2:25 Comments comments (0)

We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance. 

~Japanese Proverb


Hoodies are legal. So are children.

Posted by elizabethanglin on 28 March, 2012 at 15:55 Comments comments (0)

My best friend from elementary school is black.  Half my family is black. 

When my little sister was brought home from the hospital after she was born to an unwed teenage mother who was addicted to crack cocaine, the neighbors started walking up and down the property line with a shotgun, just in case.  Just in case what?  Just in case in six months when she started crawling she might crawl over the property line and threaten their lives?

Come on people!  Come ON!!  COME ON!!

Hoodies are legal... and so are children.

Boots on the Ground

Posted by elizabethanglin on 24 January, 2012 at 1:20 Comments comments (1)

I just snapped at good friend who has been sending me links to online "abundance" seminars.  I snapped because I was busy - and the one she had just sent me needed to be listened to immediately before it was pulled off the web. And I also snapped because I know of only two things that work to help bring a person abundance. 

These two things are 1)  Making a decision to do the thing that you dream of doing, the thing you know you are "meant" to do.  2)  Putting your boots on the ground each and every day to do that thing to the best of your ability, with respect for yourself, your vocation, and the people that you work with - and lastly, if there is a third thing it is 3)  Putting your boots on the ground each and every day to whatever it is that you have decided to do.

So, I was reminded of the quote I was given on the day I first learned Reiki, at the time I thought it was a Goethe quote, but as it turns out - it was an amalgamation quote.  The first part of the quote is by William Hutchinson Murray, who wrote a book entitled "The Scottish Himalayan Expedition."  about the Scottish Himalayan expedition to climb 9 Himalayan Peaks.   They only managed to climb 5 - but they lived, and that's a BIG success story.  In any case, here is Murray's quote:

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way."  

Murray then states that he has learned to respect the following quote by Goethe:

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.

   Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!”

Now, Goethe may or may not have written that quote - but this quote is absolutely one he did write, and the general feel of it is why I snapped today.

Enough words have been exchanged;

now at last let me see some deeds!    (Goethe, Faust I)

And I feel this request is true, and necessary, for so many of us.  It's time to DO, not talk about doing, wonder about doing, consider, consult, and complain about doing.  It's time to stop worrying about what other people will think of you if you do your thing, and it's time to stop expecting or requesting other people to do your thing for you. 

It's time for putting your boots on the ground.


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