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Pesky Molecules! (Same as it ever was...)

Posted by elizabethanglin on 21 January, 2012 at 2:25 Comments comments (0)

Sometimes I will admit that I can be quite cynical about this adventure called life.  In the middle of water pipes breaking, the resultant flooding, with my arm down a long "ground well" cleaning out the detritous of 15 years of  run off, dirt and those poor unfortunate mice who fell in the pipe (How?  It was covered!) looking for the water shut off valve, neck deep in snow... I am cynical.  Nay, I'm not just cynical... I'm wishing I could go back to that lifetime when I was an Empress of China.   "I should not have to clean out 15 years of crud from inside a ground well pipe... I should have servants for this!  What's going on with this lifetime?  Why is my arm down this hole? Why am I laying in the snow? This is not my beautiful house. ...This is not my beautiful life!" 

Or, in the immortal words of the Talking Heads:

And you may ask yourself

What is that beautiful house?

And you may ask yourself

Where does that highway go?

And you may ask yourself

Am I right?...Am I wrong?

And you may tell yourself


So, for all of you who are experiencing Mercury Retrograde early, who are wondering why you have your arms down long dark holes to nowhere, and why your floor is covered with water... I'll leave you with a little Talking Heads to soothe the pain.

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Reading to my Horse

Posted by elizabethanglin on 16 December, 2011 at 1:00 Comments comments (0)

Yes.  I read to my horse.  Last year I read parts of "Comanche Moon" to him during the darkest part of winter.  Yes. I read Larry McMurtry books to my horse.  Mainly because I like them.  Tonight's selection, "All of My Friends Will be Strangers" made me pause to think about this particular choice.  The main character was talking about women in a somewhat reverent and and also derogatory way,  and I wondered.. "How much of this is my horse understanding?"  I tried to visualize parts of the first chapter in horse terms, applying thoughts of male/female horse behavior over the top of the human descriptions of attraction and desire for bonding. 

I gave up as the story became even more complicated and "human" in nature.  A page before the end of the chapter I heard my horse say quite clearly  "Why don't you stop doing that and come in here (my stall) and brush me?"

I finished reading him the chapter (since it was only a page to the end) and then brushed him.  I felt a strange sensation of being laughed at for trying to horse-ize a human story, or just for the fact that I was reading to him and not brushing him. 

But I can accept a little horse mirth over choosing to read first and then brush.  Winter is long and reading is something to do together as the snow outside becomes six feet deep.

I might switch to Black Stallion books, though.  Maybe I'll read "Seabiscuit" next.

I don't think he'll mind.

Snow Dogs and Guardian Angels

Posted by elizabethanglin on 13 December, 2011 at 22:50 Comments comments (0)

My roommate's dog, Kiko, is a snow dog.  He LOVES the snow.  The other night, during animal communication class, he made it incredibly clear to the students that practiced with him that he COULD NOT WAIT for the snow, for cross country ski outings, for going out into the wilderness in the glorious, white, cold snow. 

It's snowing now and I just let Kiko, and my dog Wyatt out into it.  The flakes are so broad, flat, wide and sparkling in cloud covered moonlight - they don't look real.  They look like part of a department store Christmas display.  I feel that at any moment I could walk into a perfectly wrapped Christmas gift left on the ground by some eager department store elf, getting ready for the yearly visit from Santa Claus.  But these are real snowflakes.  And the dogs come back to me, covered with big fat flakes of snow.  Shaking them off on the inner porch just before happily wiggling and wagging their way back into the house.

So, here we are - almost to the point when our road stops being drivable and requires snowmobiles or a snowcat to travel in and out to town.  Yesterday, when we thought the snow would make the road impassable for the rest of the year, a visitor arrived.  Our neighbor, Steve, with his jeep dragging a wedge plow along behind it.   He came in for a quick visit and a glass of water, and told me that I can use the wedge plow later on this week if I feel like it. 

I think Steve is our guardian angel.  The use of a wedge plow in this fairly light snowstorm means that we can drive in and out in wheeled vehicles for a least another week.  Maybe even through Christmas.

I am thankful for the unexpected gift of both perfect snow, and a perfect for the snow, plow.

Fighting with God

Posted by elizabethanglin on 13 November, 2011 at 13:45 Comments comments (1)

OK, before I say anything I want to make it very clear on this Sunday morning, that I am NOT in a fight with God.  God is just to big, too powerful, and too mysterious for me to take him/her/it on - so he/she/it is a windmill that I am just not willing to tilt at this early in the morning, or later in the morning, or early in the afternoon, or in the evening. 

Give me another windmill, like the jerks who want to create a uranium mill down on the other end of my plateau, or perhaps I'll tilt at financial or healthcare reform in the US, but don't expect me to go tilting at God.  Ever.

So why do I find myself again, in the position of needing to write - just to get it out there... please don't contact me if you want to go tilting at God.  You can do all Don Quixote tilting you want in my vicinity at anything other than God - you can look at your sacred contracts in the tiny, little, medium, large and extra large format, and decide whether or not you want to change them, you can gain more insight into why those dastardly windmills go spinning their arms the way they do...

But the one thing you can't do in my vicinity?  You can't go fighting with God about why the windmills spin their arms the way they do. 

So again, please don't call me if you want to get into a fight with God.  I'm not going to get in the middle of your displeasure and judgement of how he/she/it is handling (or not handling) things. 

As my roommate likes to say when things go wrong - and I think this can be applied when one feels judgemental or unhappy about the way "God" handles things:

"It's like when Todd Bertuzzi broke Steve Moore's neck in the now infamous Vancouver Canucks/Colorado Avalanche hockey game.  It is what it is."

Sometimes... it is what it is.

The Scariest Ghost I Ever Met... (Happy Halloween!)

Posted by elizabethanglin on 1 November, 2011 at 1:00 Comments comments (1)

As you might imagine, in my line of work I meet ghosts from time to time.  Earthbound spirits who have a bone to pick with God, or can't forgive themselves enough to believe anyone else ever would, or in life became so obsessed by something (gold miners at Alta, for example)  that the "forgot themselves" in the process of seeking after earthly material goods.  Out of all of these ghosts - murderers, alcoholics, gamblers, prostitutes, gold-obsessed miners... the most frightening one of all is... ... ...

The bitter old lady who ran the boarding house at Ironton, CO..... when she was alive.

I mean, literally - her house was falling down and a bunch of modern day volunteers got together and fixed it up so tourists could see what life in Ironton was like when people actually lived there - and she has absolutely NO GRATITUDE WHATSOEVER.   Now, the fixed up shell of this little home invites the unaware visitor to explore it... to step inside and step back in time, while the aware visitor finds not just a nicely repaired house of historical interest - but a grey haired lady in a calico dress standing on the door step screaming.  "Don't you come in here.  This is my house. This is my place. Mine!"   She holds a broom in one hand (because she was very clean and tidy in life, not because she was witch.) and looks as though she is willing to crack one over the head with it if they step through the door. 

The sensation created by this screaming bitter ghost woman for the clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient spirit medium is a bit like going on one of those centrifugal rides at the carnival...  (remember the one where the ride spins around so fast that you get plastered to the metal wall behind you and then the bottom drops out?)  ...

It's not very nice.

And for that reason, I rank the bitter old woman of Ironton the scariest ghost I know.  If you are out on Red Mountain Pass this evening trick-or-treating... beware of her doorway, and her astral broom.

Really, Really,'s not up to me.

Posted by elizabethanglin on 16 October, 2011 at 22:05 Comments comments (0)

Every once in a while I will come across someone who CLAIMS they want me to provide intuitive services for them, when what they really want is to have a fight with the universe, the probability field, God,  their ex, everyone else... anyone and everything they can blame for their current state of anger, frustration, and rage.... as well as their feelings of powerlessness, and their desire to "be in control." of what happens, and with whom, (as well as what someone else does, and when)  here on earth.

In past month, I've been approached by radio and TV hosts (and want to be hosts) who wanted me to tell them WHAT THEY WANTED TO HEAR - and in exchange for me taking a HUGE LEAP outside of my INTEGRITY - I would be featured on their program. 

A long term gig... fame, fortune, tons of clients... (perhaps even a golden elephant that siphons up water from it's golden trunk and then shoots out giant diamonds in my direction..)  you name the promises, all of these and every other sort of wealth, fame, and fortune would come to me if I would just agree to TELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.

Here is the problem... once I take that one step, that teeny, tiny, little bitty, itty bitty, GREAT BIG step outside of my integrity... I will no longer be a psychic.  I will be a media wh*&!, - I will be a fiction, I will be a nothing.. and the last four decades of my life, of learning and growing, and becoming myself, and learning how to be skillful with my gift ...  these will also become nothing, because I have decided to BECOME WHAT SOMEONE ELSE WANTS ME TO BE...

To the gentleman actor/want to be talk show host who yelled at me yesterday because I gave him what he claimed he wanted... a dated prediction... guess what?  It's not up to me what happens, when it happens, and why...   not only is it not up to me, it's also NOT MY BUSINESS...   I'm not God and I don't control your business, I'm not the person you should be yelling at.... and shame on you for doing so.

To the other gentleman who wants me to engage in a radio show regarding "The Miracle of Reconciliation" -  here is the scoop.  She left you because she experienced you as being manipulative and controlling.  I will not - for any reason - tell you that your personal story with her is different than I what I see it being because you offer me interviews and a potential hosting position on your well established radio show.  That type of behavior is wrong.  It's manipulative, and controlling!  The point of your show "changing perception to create reconcilation" is a fiction of  your highly adept skills in manipulation and control.  She doesn't need to change her perception of you - you need to change your behavior toward her, and others, - and until you do so, you will get this particular lesson of loss (and loss of control) again, and again.  It appears that in this situation - you are the student and not the teacher...  I think it would be more interesting to find out who you are, and how people respond to who you are, when you stop trying to manipulate and control them.

So everyone.... your personal experience of reality is not up to me.. what manifests, or doesn't manifest for you... is not up to me.   I can look at these things from a different perspective than most people do....

but really, really, REALLY... it's not up to me.

It's up to you. 

My Dogs Make me Happy.... ...

Posted by elizabethanglin on 12 October, 2011 at 0:25 Comments comments (0)

So I came upon this bumper sticker image while toodling around the web today... and it sums up perfectly why Animal Communication is such a great way to begin intuitive training... intuitive training based in love, compassion, and happiness.  

  Here it is:

Wild and Fun - My Guest Apperance on the Dr. Pat Show

Posted by elizabethanglin on 6 October, 2011 at 23:05 Comments comments (0)

So... I had a case of the nerves wicked, wicked bad just before my first guest appearance the Dr. Pat Show on Wednesday morning.  There was no need, with the best aspects of Capricornan energy floating around the studio, wild and fun Benny, easy to talk to Dr. Pat -  and the callers from HEAVEN... it was so much FUN.

Go to Wednesday at 10 am to listen!

October Animal Communication Classes!

Posted by elizabethanglin on 30 September, 2011 at 1:10 Comments comments (0)

I have "bitten the bullet" so to speak and decided to start offering Animal Communication online nationally and internationally, as well as locally in the Ridgway, Ouray, Telluride Colorado area. 

The response to the one hour "Animal Communication 101" class I offered at the Durango WholeExpo this month was absolutely PHENOMENAL - with over 50 people attending, learning, and sharing incredible animal communication sessions with each other. 

I can't wait to spend more time with people so they can learn some of the finer points of practical animal communication and become even more comfortable with the process -  so I have created two ways to share this beautiful intuitive artform. 

The first is in a four week long Animal Communcation workshop in an online classroom/phone conference meeting format - starting on Wednesday October 19 at 7:00 pm Mountain Time, this class will meet weekly for two hours through Wednesday November 9.

To register, go to the "Animal Communication" page on this website and scroll down to the training section.

The next is an in-person day long Animal Communication class to be held on Sunday, October 23rd - in the Ridgway/Ouray area (exact location TBD) - again, to register see the "Animal Communication" page on this website, and scroll down to the training section.

There are not words to express how wonderful it is to be able to offer this sort of training.  I hope I will see you there.

Is There a Problem with Your Soul?

Posted by elizabethanglin on 9 July, 2011 at 0:33 Comments comments (0)

I was presented with an idea today -an idea, a worldview, a way of looking at "The Soul" (spirit, higher consciousness) as if it is something that can be damaged, or something that can cause a person to suffer through their soul or higher consciousness being damaged. 

Twenty years ago, through my Near Death Experience and associated experiences in transpersonal consciousness and non-linear time travel that happened in the years after that experience, I learned that "the soul" or "spirit" is never truly damaged. 

In confusion over "The Illusion" our lower ego, (and associated distractions) will try to convince us that all sorts of things are "wrong" with us, our bodies, minds and spirits... our daily lives, our jobs, our families, our everything - the play of illusion and our fears and insecurities will make it seem that things are "fundamentally damaged" or "wrong" or that "our life is suffering" - but in spiritual reality, we are absolutely whole, well, healed... perfectly loved, perfect love, and perfectly fine.   It is our grasping at the illusion which convinces us that something like one's soul, or spirit, can be damaged or split... or is just not "right" in some way. 

Outside of this illusion, the truth, or the Dharma of our situation is..

We are OK.

There are Zen Poems and Koans which speak to this problem of human beings clinging to the idea of being "less than" or "not good enough" or "split" or "broken" - and while living through this "imperfect" world with limited understanding - with the experiences of lack, of hurt, of suffering may be very real.. it isn't necessarily what is TRUE. 

One's soul or spiritl may remember itself (and other selves, and being other selves, and co-existing consciously with other selves) throughout all time and space, in all places, all universes, dimensions and realms, and be able to understand and see, hear, feel, touch, taste, smell, experience any time, at any place - and this is not because it is "broken" or "split" - that is because it is functioning correctly... it is recognizing itself as part of the WHOLE, and the recognition of being part of the WHOLE begins by remembering, time-traveling, integration of experiences, bi-locating to experiences outside of linear time and space, and other related phenomena of consciousness. 

These activities of the soul, (mind, spirit, higher consciousness) are signs of healing, of moving toward wholeness... not signs of imperfection, or "wrongness."

Zen Masters composed Koans and Poems like the following to give students open ideas to consider about their states of being and states of mind:

It is as though you have an eye

That sees all forms

But does not see itself.

This is how your mind is.

Its light penetrates everywhere

And engulfs everything,

So why does it not know itself?


Few people believe their

Inherent mind is Buddha.

Most will not take this seriously,

And therefore are cramped.

They are wrapped up in illusions, cravings,

Resentments, and other afflictions,

All because they love the cave of ignorance.


The past is already past.

Don't try to regain it.

The present does not stay.

Don't try to touch it.

From moment to moment.

The future has not come;

Don't think about it


Whatever comes to the eye,

Leave it be.

There are no commandments

To be kept;

There's no filth to be cleansed.

With empty mind really

Penetrated, the dharmas

Have no life.

When you can be like this,

You've completed

The ultimate attainment.

Layman P'ang (740-808)


Now... as a psychic I do understand the irony in presenting a poem that tells a seeker

"The future has not come;

Don't think about it


But this is still, and always will be - pretty darn good advice! 

And Yes - your inherent mind is Buddha. 

You are - in Dharma - perfectly OK.

There is no problem with your soul.



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