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Living in Allowance of 10 Things You Really Want

Posted by elizabethanglin on 30 September, 2014 at 21:50

Have you ever wondered what your life might be like if you decided to change the things that you allow to happen in it?  What if you decided to change what you allow by focusing less on "disallowing" things that you "don't want" and "allowing" things that you do? 

I'd like to run an experiment.  And this experiment  depends on you. 

I will do my own work as well. 

If you could write down 10 things you really want in your life, and then each morning before work, or evening before bed, say the following -

"Today I live in allowance of... (one of your 10 things)" 

Say it 10 times, or 100 times, or 30 times - repeat it until it feels like you are full of allowance for this particular thing.

Then proceed to the next thing on your list.

When you are finished with the 10 Things, repeat this statement...

"I deeply and profoundly love myself and allow myself to BE."  10 times, or 100 times (100 is best)

So the allowance for this evening for me, for example, has to do with the fact that my solar power system generator just died, and while allowing this to be fixed may sound silly - sometimes it takes awhile for the electrician to come out and work on it. 

So, tonight I'm going to affirm, as my number one thing that I want (and need): 

"Today I live in allowance of the solar system generator being fixed perfectly, completely, quickly, and easily."

I've also been having some tightness in my shoulders, so I'm going to allow the following:

"I live in allowance of my shoulders being relaxed and healthy, free of stress, worry, and pain, perfectly healthy and feeling well." 

After ten of these (today rather mundane) allowances, I will finish with:

"I deeply and profoundly love myself and allow myself to BE."  - 100 times.

Yes, I count this out on my fingers.. why else do we have 10 of them?

Luckily, your allowances don't have to be as mundane as mine are today - but they CAN be, because they CAN be anything you want (as long as they are positive and helpful)  so you can allow bigger things, better things, any miraculous thing you want to allow - you CAN,

Oh, and to complete the experiment - pick 10 things you want to allow for the Month of October 2014, and report back the first week of November.  I want to know what happened with the things that you allowed for yourself this month.

My email is address is:  [email protected]

Lets see what happens when we start living in allowance of our good!

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