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What are Akashic & Past-Life Readings

Akashic Readings access the vibrational information of the spiritual equivalent of the Library of Congress. Every life story and life-learning plan is there, including yours. This information exists in a state of non-linear time, so your past-life, current life, between lifetime and energetic potentials for future lifetime incarnations exist within these records.

It is important to understand that any future lifetime information is read as the current energetic potential for the lifetime/lifetimes. You can progress faster and beyond the potential energy read for you today by making positive spiritual decisions.

Accessing the Akashic records can help bring harmony and clarity to relationship and career decisions, and help heal and clarify emotional wounds of the past.

A Cast of TNT - Elizabeth's retired racehorse.

**Please note: Elizabeth is not a veterinarian or a medical doctor, and she cannot diagnose or prescribe any illness, or treatment, for either horse or rider. It is highly suggested (now and during the session) that any information that appears to be of (or near) the veterinary or medical kind be checked by a qualified, licensed, veterinarian or physician.

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