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Session Packages

Save 20% on services and increase your self understanding and healing with these synergistic service packages:

Elizabeth will contact you to schedule each session after your purchase.

If you would prefer to pay with a credit card by phone or a check, or want to expedite your scheduling process, email Elizabeth at [email protected] and include your phone number.

Package 1: Clearing and Clarifying Sample - Save 20% - Fee:$268

Includes: 1 Emotion Code Session

               1 Reiki Intuitive Healing Session

               1 Akashic Record/Past Life Reading

Package 1

Package 2: Deeper Understanding for Transition - Save $72, Fee: $288

Includes: 1 60 minute Psychic Reading

               1 30 Minute Psychic Reading

               1 Reiki & Intuitive Healing Session

Deeper Understanding for Transition

Package 3: Deeper Understanding and Healing: Family, Pets, Self - Save 20%, Fee $388

               1 Akashic Record / Past Life Reading

               1 60 - 80 Minute Animal Communication (up to 3 animals)

               3 Emotion Code Sessions (may be applied to pets and family)

Deeper understanding Family, Pets Self

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